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The Law Offices of Hyder & Overas is a full-service law firm engaged almost exclusively in the practice of US immigration and nationality law, with offices in Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia. The firm represents clients from all walks of life and from all countries of the world. We represent major corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, small businesses and individuals in all aspects of immigration law. As US immigration law is a federal practice, our law firm is able to provide full legal services to our clients anywhere in the US and around the world.

We have been providing immigration legal services since 1979. During these years, the firm has accumulated vast experience and in-depth knowledge of US immigration and nationality law. The attorneys of Hyder & Overas have successfully represented thousands of clients at immigration offices throughout the country and have successfully defended their clients before numerous immigration courts in the United States.

The Law Offices of Hyder & Overas represents clients in all areas of US immigration courts and nationality law. We can assist you in applying for family and employment based visas, securing investor status, representing your business in obtaining alien employment certification (PERM) from the US Department of Labor, obtaining permanent residency in the US for you and your family, advising you with regard to criminal alien issues, navigating challenges associated with consular processing overseas, and becoming a US citizen. The attorneys of Hyder & Overas represent clients in asylum, deportation and removal cases. Our appellate practice encompasses Administrative Appeals Office, Board of Immigration Appeals.

We are dedicated to offering the most complete and experienced legal representation to all of our clients. Our staff members pride themselves on having the most up to date information regarding US immigration laws, rules and regulations. The attorneys at Hyder & Overas are committed to providing expert immigration court assistance along with the personal attention you deserve.

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